Please take time to get to know me.

-About Estreluna Designs©-
Hi, I want to thank you again for checking out the Estreluna Designs© Webpage.

I started this small company, which is basically a seed right now, to hopefully sell you original artwork that you request. I will try to give you the best service and quality I can, and simply treat you with respect and honesty!
-About My Art-

My art form ranges, but I tend to stick with a sort of comic art most of the time. I have worked with different materials... crayons, pastels, paints, watercolors, just to name a few. Caricatures are my bread and butter, though, they're just fun to draw. I also enjoy building my own original "action figures" using Sculpy clay. In the future I will post some pics of some of my work.

-My Story-

Even though my dad wasn't much of an artist, I give him credit for my talent. He taught me how to draw Christmas stars when I was five, and I've been drawing ever since.

Growing up, the Transformers were my favorite characters, so I drew the hell out of them. In the 9th grade my art teacher threw away a portfolio containing 1 years worth of drawings- paintings, pastels, watercolor work, and my prize, a three page detailed cartoon drawing of everyone in that art class including the teacher- just because I forgot to pick it up one day. That kind of hurt because I worked hard to build up that portfolio.

My dream is to become a working artist. At the moment, I am studying to be a working artist through a distance learning school.

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