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I have gathered all the feedback left for me at the Jawa Community and at the old Jawa Swap Meet. In addition, I added feedback left for me over at CollectStarWars.com below as well. Thanks to all I have traded with, you've helped me out a lot!!!

Left by Lee Howard 1 on 5/22/01
          Great trader. Good communication.

Left by Mosh Mothma on 6/16/01
          Great trader - would deal with again.

Left by JuvyD on 6/20/01
          Very smooth trade and great looking items! Well packed and well communicated. Thanks for the trade!

Left by Jon Solo on 6/28/01
          Great trader!! I would definitely do business with again. Highly recommend.

Left by Carbon Freeze on 7/14/01
          Very nice to deal with. Recommend trading with Joe. Thanks again!

Left by Jerky Toys on 7/16/01
         Great trade with Joe.

Left by Gatillo on 8/10/01 & 8/14/01 (SAME TRADE)
         Great trader. Very good communication and highly recommended.
         Great Trader. One good trade indeed.

Left by SWjunkie on 8/09/01
         Some overdue good feedback for Mr White, great trader. Word.

Left by JediBeagle on 8/09/01
         Cant say enough about this guy...Hes a great person, wonderful artist and awesome trader.

Left by JediBeagle on 8/16/01
         Yet another great trade with Joe...can't say enough about this trader!!!

Left by JuvyD on 8/16/01
         Another great trade with Joe!! I highly recommend everyone takes a look at his artwork!! He can draw up all your ideas for a great trade. Well worth it!!!

Left by JuvyD on 8/22/01
         Another smooth and easy trade with Joe!!! Thanks once again!!!!

Left by Cohens4 on 8/24/01
         Joe was great to deal with. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!

Left by Boba Fitt on 8/26/01
         You Da Man, Joe! Good and quick, and fun to chat with. I'd deal with him anytime...

Left by Geppetto Todd on 9/01/01
         Great trader!

Left by JediBeagle on 9/26/01
         Yet another great trade w/ Joe...thanks

Left by Mosh Mothma on 10/04/01
         Exellent trader - thanks Joe

Left by Darth Dave on 10/15/01
         Hey, Joe. Thank you very much for our trade. You were great to deal with. Kind regards, DarthDave

Left by Mosh Mothma on 10/20/01
         Excellent trader!!

Left by JuvyD on 11/05/01
         Another great effort from Joe!! Thanks as always and I look forward to future trades!!!

Left by Darth Dave on 11/08/01
         Hey, Joe. Many thanks for the second trade. Everything was just as you said, and it was much appreciated. Kind regards, David

Left by Geppetto Todd on 11/29/01
         Great trader as usual!

Left by Cohens4 on 12/01/01
         Another great trade with Joe......thanks, Stephen

Left by JuvyD on 12/17/01
         If your reading this post, you must be new to the site because EVERYONE knows you got a good deal going if your trading with Joe!!!

Left by JediBeagle on 12/21/01
         Another great trade with Joewhite...thanks...look forward to the next.

Left by OCB on 12/26/01
         Joe is a great trader and came through well on our deal!!! Don't hesitate to trade with Joe.

Left by eej514 on 12/27/01
         Do not hesitate to deal with this man. He sent payment right on time and even informed me of someone else wanting to trade for one of the figs he wanted. Way to trade man. Thanks, Eric(eej514)

Left by DarthDave on 01/04/02
         Several times this trader has come to my aid, and I'd grateful for his help, his friendliness, his fairness and reliability. Trade with Joe with confidence! Thanks, friend, for staffing my Death Star! David

Left by JediKatarn on 01/05/02
         Just completed a smooth transaction with joewhite - great guy to deal with - good communication! Thanks, Jedi Katarn

Left by eej514 on 01/09/02
         This guy is awesome.I've had mutiple trades with Joe and all of them have been perfect. Thanks again, Joe.

Left by JuvyD on 01/09/02
         Joe's personally responsible for me being on a first name basis with everyone at my local post office! Thanks...again...for keeping the figures moving North and South!

Left by Am Shak on 01/17/02
         Great trader and a great guy.

Left by OCB on 01/23/02
         Made another deal with Joe and was not dissapointed, thanks a lot for the figure and look forward to more deals down the road!!!

Left by Am Shak on 01/26/02
         Once again, thanks for the trade.

Left by Darth Dave on 01/28/02
         Thank you, Joe, for a fine and fair trade. I look forward to more in the future. Kind regards, David

Left by Am Shak on 01/29/02
         Another great trade. Thanks again.

Left by Darth Kenobi on 02/16/02
         Excellent trader. Would highly recommend. Thanks for a nice trade Joe.

Left by OCB on 02/25/02
         Great deal again with Joe!!! Can't say enough great things about the guy.

Left by Mosh Mothma on 10/20/01
         Excellent trader! Look forward to another deal.

Left by Ry-T on 12/06/01
         We did a 1 for one swap, and my figure arrived in c10 con'd (and it was the super big Luke Bacta!!) Great emailer and everything! A welcomed addition to the CSW trading community! Hope to do it again.

Left by OCB on 12/26/01
         Joe came through very well on our trade, he is highly recommended!!!

Left by Aza77 on 12/29/01
         This guy gave me a great price for three figures and also sent them out promptly...Thanks a lot Joe! Aj

Left by JediKatarn on 01/05/02
         Great transaction with joewhite! Thanks, jedikatarn

Left by OgiBendOgy on 01/08/02
         Thanks goes to Joewhite for a smooth deal, quick payment, and super friendly emails!

Left by BigBadJedi on 01/09/02
         Do not hesitate to trade with this man, he is awesome. Excellent packing and quick mailing. Thanks for yet another great trade, Joe. Peace, Eric

Left by Darth Dave on 01/11/02 (Feedback left as one for myself, steve 1138, likeoakley, eej514)
         Thanks to the four of you gentlemen for smooth and fair trades this month. I would trade with any of you again (and again), and recommend you without reservations to the rest of trading community! Kind regards, DarthDave

Left by Ocelot on 01/13/02
         Good trader, sent stuff fast.

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